2017 Goals

Reviewing my 2016 Goals (which was actually more like end of 2016 and half of 2017)


1) Setup a regular exercise regime

I’ve started running on a semi-regular basis.  More importantly I’m biking to the train and into work on my awesome little cruiser bike.  It’s not a huge amount of exercise, but it is consistent!

2) Get off anti-depressants successfully – I’ve started and waiting for the withdrawal effects to wear off.

I went back on it for a while, and now am off it again.  Just taking 2.5mg for the brain zaps until brain chemistry comes right.  Using meditation, CBT and exercise to help me through withdrawal.

3) Get up at 9AM on the weekends (See – setting up more realistic goals, I’m learning!!)

Yup, I’m pretty much getting up at 9 or 8 if I’m doing something.  I’m also getting out of beds earlier during the week – either 5:30 and doing a morning reading, or 6 and heading straight into work.  Means I get home a bit earlier as well.

4) Install a Chrome extension to remind me every x minutes, to check if I’m reading something worthy of my time.  I’m sure there’s something like that out there.  If not I’ll develop one 😛  I hate clickbait with a passion, but somehow always find myself on those stupid “X ways you know why bla bla bla blergh” articles.

I installed something to remove clickbait, but not to remind me every x minutes.

5) Setup regular meditation – 15 minutes daily.

I got Headspace, which works quite well.


2017 Goals

  1. Learn to play the Cello – practice every day for 20 minutes!
  2. Meditate every day for 10 minutes
  3. RUn saturday mornings
  4. Get through my Steam games backlog without buying more games!

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