2016 goals and review

2014 goals review

Gee, look at that!  I missed a year… how did that happen? Oh yes, I changed companies and career, I guess that made me pretty busy 🙂

1. Spend less time reading news, blogs, forum posts.

Yeah, not so much.  I’m a bit more aware of the time wastage, but I still do it.  I wasted like a weekend on some really dumb Youtube comedy star that turned out to be a psycopath.  I won’t say who, I really don’t want them to get more views.

2. Consider a career in QA – apply for a few jobs, read a few books, see how it goes.

Yup, did it.  Best decision ever!

3. Get up earlier on the weekends, at least 7AM.

Nope, nope, nope.  On average I now sleep until 10 on the weekend…  I blame it on the depression >.>  (I suspect I’m just lazy and my bed is too warm and comfortable)

4. Read more non-fiction and fiction books, 1 fiction a month and 1 non-fiction every 2 weeks.

Am reading a bit more library books, could read more.


2016 goals review

1) Setup a regular exercise regime

2) Get off anti-depressants successfully – I’ve started and waiting for the withdrawal effects to wear off.

3) Get up at 9AM on the weekends (See – setting up more realistic goals, I’m learning!!)

4) Install a Chrome extension to remind me every x minutes, to check if I’m reading something worthy of my time.  I’m sure there’s something like that out there.  If not I’ll develop one 😛  I hate clickbait with a passion, but somehow always find myself on those stupid “X ways you know why bla bla bla blergh” articles.

5) Setup regular meditation – 15 minutes daily.

I only have around a quarter of a year to get this going, wish me luck!



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